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آهنگهای ویژه

Post Malonedie for me

die for me-post malone

Post Maloneallergic

allergic-post malone

Post Malonesaint‐tropez

saint‐tropez - post malone

Post Malonetake what you want

Take What You Want - Post Malone

Post Malonegoodbyes

goodbyes-post malone

post malonestaring at the sun

staring at the sun-post malone

ariana grandegreedy

greedy-ariana grande

ariana grande let me love you

let me love you-ariana grande

ariana grande leave me lonely

leave me lonely-ariana grande

Post Malonesunflower (spider‐man: into the spider‐verse)

sunflower (spider‐man: into the spider‐verse)-post malone

Post Maloneon the road

on the road - Post Malone

Post Malonei know

i know - post malone

Post Malonewow.

Wow. -post malone

post malone a thousand bad times

A Thousand Bad Times- Post Malone

Ariana GrandeInto You

Into You-Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Be Alright

Be Alright-Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman

dangerous woman-ariana grande

Post Malonei’m gonna be

i’m gonna be- Post Malone

Post Malone circles

circles -post malone

Post Maloneinternet

internet -post malone

Post MaloneMyself

myself -post malone

post maloneenemies

enemies -post malone

Post Malonereputation

reputation -post malone

Post Malonecooped up

cooped up-post malone

Post Malonelemon tree

lemon tree-post malone

Post Malonei cannot be (a sadder song)

i cannot be (a sadder song)-post malone

Post Malonewrapped around your finger

wrapped around your finger-post malone

post maloneinsane

insane-post malone

post malonelove/hate letter to alcohol

love/hate letter to alcohol-post malone

ariana grande knew better / forever boy

knew better / forever boy-ariana grande

ariana grande thinking bout you

thinking bout you-ariana grande

ariana grande touch it

touch it-ariana grande

ariana grande bad decisions

bad decisions-ariana grande

ariana grandesometimes

sometimes-ariana grande

ariana grande everyday

everyday-ariana grande

Post Maloneeuthanasia

euthanasia-post malone

Post Malonewhen i’m alone

when i’m alone-post malone

post malonewaiting for a miracle

waiting for a miracle-post malone

alessia cara scars to your beautiful

scars to your beautiful-alessia cara

Alessia CaraHere

Here -Alessia Cara

selena gomezlet me get me

let me get me-selena gomez

selena gomezcrowded room

crowded room -selena gomez

Selena Gomezbody heat

body heat-selena gomez

selena gomeza sweeter place

a sweeter place-selena gomez

selena gomezrise

rise-selena gomez

Selena Gomezmás (more - spanish version)

Más (More - Spanish version)-selena gomez

selena gomezforget forever

forget forever-selena gomez

selena gomezmy dilemma 2.0

my dilemma 2.0 -selena gomez

selena gomezdo it

do it -selena gomez

selena gomezfalling down

falling down-selena gomez

selena gomezlove will remember

love will remember-selena gomez

selena gomezbirthday

birthday-selena gomez

Selena Gomeza year without rain

a year without rain-selena gomez

selena gomezlike a champion

like a champion-selena gomez

selena gomezundercover

undercover-selena gomez

Selena Gomezsave the day

save the day-selena gomez

Selena Gomezwrite your name

write your name-selena gomez

selena gomeznobody does it like you

nobody does it like you-selena gomez

selena gomezbang a drum

bang a drum-selena gomez

Selena Gomezstars dance

stars dance-selena gomez

selena gomezmusic feels better

music feels better -selena gomez

Post Malonenew recording 12, jan 3, 2020

new recording 12, jan 3, 2020-post malone

post malone feat The Kid LAROIwasting angels

wasting angels-post malone feat The Kid LAROI

Ariana Grande ​My Hair

​My Hair - Ariana Grande

Selena Gomezvicio

vicio-selena gomez

ariana grandemake up

make up-ariana grande

Ariana Grandebad idea

bad idea-Ariana Grande

Selena Gomezbuscando amor

Buscando Amor-selena gomez

Selena Gomezdamelo to

damelo to-selena gomez

Selena Gomezadiós

adios-selena gomez